e-NABLE has developed the Handomatic web application to make it easier to create custom sized STL files for printing e-NABLE hands.


Handomatic allows you to:

  • Enter your measurements
  • Select different models of hand, such as for people with no thumb
  • Preview the parts
  • Generate 3D printable STL files that get emailed to the email address provided

If you would like an e-NABLE volunteer to work with you through this process, or if your needs are not addressed by Hand-o-matic, please fill out the e-NABLE Intake Form.


We recently took deliver of two additional 3d printers which will give us the ability to produce more hands for the eNable project. Participating the 1000 hands by October project was rewarding and we have high hopes to design and build a custom hand for a local resident later this year.