Computer Graphics 2

Here is a quick snapshot of our semester in computer graphics 2. 

Video by BGHS student - senior Carlie Tuttle. 


Memory Project Bolivia

This year our art students participated in the Memory Project once again. 

The kids in Bolivia have received the portraits, and they absolutely loved them! In total my two team members delivered portraits to kids at several different locations. In this video you will see just how excited the kids were to receive their special gifts:

Adding electronics to our 3d printed hand.

Justin Martinez a Bishop Gorman senior works on improving his 3d gauntlet model. The gauntlet is a part of the 3d printed "robo hand" that attaches to the user's forearm. To help improve this design, he is modifying his original model to accommodate the addition of a 9 volt battery, a switch and a servo. The hope is to add a mechanical advantage when the user needs to grip an object for an extended period of time. 

Original concept sketch.

Version 1.0

Version 2.0

Version 2.0 in place on user. 

All three versions side by side.

Student make the virtual a reality.

Below are a few photos from Computer Graphics 2 students testing out some of their 3d models. Students were asked to create an object that they would use on a daily basis. They used their 3d modeling chops in 3ds max and then printed their designs in ABS on an afinia h800. 

Dark Horse Comic Artist - Patric Reynolds talks composition and comics.

Patric is a recovering Las Vegas high school teacher who gave up a house, a pension, and new Toyota to go live in the South to learn how to become a comic book artist. Two years later, he has worked with Patton Oswalt, Mike Mignola, Joss Whedon, Marc Andreyko, and now Steve Niles as comic book illustrator. 

Once a teacher always a teacher and so, Patric decided to give teaching another try... in small doses. He came back to Las Vegas and Bishop Gorman to teach a three day lecture, critique and workshop on artistic composition and comic book story telling. Thanks Patric! 

Printing the K1 from 3D Systems.

Printing the K1 from 3D Systems.

The example above is from our first K1 model. After use we discovered a few design issues that we wanted to improve. 

The first issue was the tension line. the closing action was exposed and could potentially get caught on something during use. students created a new 3d model to solve this problem.

Above is the new design on the left vs the original on the right. 

Here is a photo of the new knuckle being 3d printed. 

K1 hand version 2.0 with new knuckles and a 3d printed palm pad. The palm piece helps create a rigid surface for better leverage and closing power. 

3D prosthetic hand planning

At Bishop Gorman High School, Mr. Feely's Computer Graphics Class is in the pre-planning stages of creating a 3d printed prosthetic hand for a local child in need.  In an effort to plan for the CAD / CAM process,  we hosted Mrs. Dawson, mother of Hailey Dawson.  Mrs. Dawson came to speak about the hand building process,  manufacturing issues and the human connection these printed hands can have on their recipient.

Robert Wysocki visits Bishop Gorman.

Robert lectured on his artistic process, his current lava work and how our students can find inspiration to follow their own artistic path.

His work is an autobiographical examination rooted in and of the Northern California natural and unnatural landscapes of his childhood. His work is represented by a lifelong interest in the natural and unnatural landscapes manifested in self-defined and self-created landscapes, natural or otherwise.

Zion Art and Science Trip

Mrs. Feely's Art classes and Mr. Devlin's Science classes took a trip to Zion National Park. The trip focused on landscape painting and the geologic features & processes of the park and surrounding area. 

Flash Powder

We are beginning to work with flash in photo 3. Check out our student's images  utilizing studio strobes to freeze motion. 

3D printing - full steam ahead.

We recently took deliver of two additional 3d printers which will give us the ability to produce more hands for the eNable project. Participating the 1000 hands by October project was rewarding and we have high hopes to design and build a custom hand for a local resident later this year.

Image courtesy -

Image courtesy -

Congratulations Emma! Her work has been chosen as one of 59 National Award-winning works to be displayed at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Department of Education Building in Washington, DC.  

Scholastic Art & Writing - National Gold Key recipients!

Shannon Paige - National Gold Key Recipient - Photography

Shannon Paige - National Gold Key Recipient - Photography

Emma Bailey - National Gold Key Recipient - Photography 

Emma Bailey - National Gold Key Recipient - Photography 

Congratulations Emma  and Shannon! After being recognized by a Gold Key regionally, they both received National Gold Key awards. 

In New York City, panels of nationally renowned artists, art professionals, and arts educators review Gold Key works from across the country. The artwork is judged in the digital format. Jurors select work for national recognition based on three criteria, 1) Originality, 2) Technique, and 3) Emergence of a Personal Vision.

All national award recipients (approximately 1,800 students) are invited to National Events in New York City in June 2015.

Speaker Sam Samuels from Pixar

Bishop Gorman was lucky enough to have Sam Samuels from Pixar Studios visit us again this year. She came to inspire our art students with her infectious smile and solid art background.  From storyboard to finished film, Sam walked our students through the Pixar process. Thanks Sam!


3D Printed Self Portrait

Alex Goodman, in his senior year has successfully mixed digital media to create a physical digital self portrait. To create this, Alex first took a video of himself using the ipad as the capture device. Then brought the video into Adobe After Effects and converted the color video to inverted grayscale. From AE, Alex exported and image sequence of the video to create a still image he could use for his displacement. Using Autodesk 3d Studio Max Design, Alex used the displace modifier applied to a 3d geometric plane to create a 3d surface of his face similar to a topographical map. This 3d surface was then brought in to makerware and printed on a Makerbot Replicator 2. Physical dimensions of the self portrait are 4"x 6.5".

3D Printed Stop Motion Animation

As a proof of concept Alex Goodman is created a stop motion animation using 3d printed objects. The 3d printed objects in this test are being extracted from 5 cube objects using morph targets in 3ds max. At every fifth keyframe the model is exported as an obj into makerware for 3d printing. 

Solar Water Distiller prototypes

Solar distillers work by mimicking earths natural water cycle: The sun warms the water, the water evaporates (forms clouds) and condenses (makes rain) when it meets a cooler surface. Some people believe water from a solar distiller is purer than boiled water. Florida Solar Energy Center principle research scientist W.R. McCluney, Ph.D., says vigorous boiling "can force unwanted residue into the distillate (distilled water), defeating purification."

Using this topic as a research based project our students are tasked with designing a ring that will yield the most water. 

3d printed rind prototype from BGHS student.

3d printed rind prototype from BGHS student.

Prototype assembled in 2 liter bottle. 

Prototype assembled in 2 liter bottle.